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At Brotus Mills, all of our work is custom made to fit your needs in the home or office

  •  Our door styles include: Raised Panel, Solid wood, Wainscot Panel, Shaker, Flat Panel, arched panels, and Plywood.
  • All door and drawer styles are available in full inset, beaded face frames with full inset, 3/8 inset, and overlay.
  • Drawer fronts can be either five piece frame and panel, or flat  fronts which are cut in sequence, which gives added beauty to the  finished product.
  • Panel ends are made in the same style as your choice of doors.
  • All cabinetry utilizes mortised and tenoned face frame construction.
  • Cabinetry interiors are made with  Birch or Maple and coated with Water Base Conversion varnish.
  • All cabinetry can be finished clear coat, stained, glazed or tinted lacquer.
  • Our water base finishes are the lowest VOC possible for one of the safest finishes on the market.


There are many types of custom details and moldings available to  enhance your cabinets, which can be chosen when we design your kitchen,  bath, or office. 

We offer:

Premium:  All stiles, rails, panels, panel ends, and flat drawer fronts will be sequence matched. Door stiles include Raised Panel, Solid Wood Overlay, Wainscot, Shaker, Flat Panel, grain matched plywood, or doors ready for tinted lacquer and/or glazing. Wainscot, Solid Wood Overlay, and Raised Panels will be book matched when ever possible. Doors and drawers can be full inset, inset with beaded face frames, 3/8 inset,or overlay with or without finger pulls, Choice of hundreds of pulls or knobs are available and priced as chosen. Cabinet interiors are Birch or Maple plywood in clear coat finish. Finished end edge treatments include standard chamfer or Double Cut chamfer. Corner Casings and custom moldings of all kinds can be made in shop and applied. Finishes include clear coat, standard dye water base stains, or custom matching of wood stains, glazing, or tinted lacquer on paint grade cabinetry. No Limited  wood species. Counter tops include blanks for tile, Corian, Cambria, Zodiaq, Granite or any natural stone. All cabinets delivered and set, with cabinets made to approved Shop Drawings and custom fit to available space.

Semi custom:  All cabinetry is made to fit available spaces and design as per two versions (v.2) of Shop Drawings. Wood species includes Birch or Oak in clear coat, or unfinished paint grade. Five piece Flat Panel doors and flat drawer fronts with finger pulls. No sequence matching of stiles, rails, panels , or drawer fronts. Interiors are Birch or Maple plywood in clear coat.All faces are sanded and edges nicely  eased, and finished ends are sanded flush and dressed with standard chamfer. Endless additions and changes are available at an extra charge. No setting, no trim, or counter tops. Full payment, plus tax, at time of pickup.  

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If you are thinking of building or remodeling your kitchen, bath, or  office, feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help you design  your new cabinetry. 

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